Inclusive Cruise Training & Consultancy

Key Questions

Support for Crew in dealing with Passengers with Mild Cognitive Impairments (e.g. mild Dementia), and their Carers

What needs to be done?

To raise awareness and provide training for your cruise company and the crew of your ships so that passengers with mild dementia and their carers feel safe and able to enjoy cruising.

How should this be done?

By training the crew to be responsive and supportive to all passengers, the wish is to create an atmosphere in which those suffering from mild cognitive impairments and their carers feel equally welcomed, secure and valued

What are the benefits to your company?

This is a unique business opportunity and selling point that offers excellent financial returns. If the crew feel enpowered, knowledgeable, and confident to respond to all situations then it can only result in a more relaxed, professional attitude, and atmosphere on board ship. With a limited financial outlay the resulting benefits to your company would be considerable.

What can INCTC do for you?

First, we would welcome a meeting with your company. At this meeting we will:




Half a day (4 hours)

Target Group

Company Management Team


Strategic workshop raising awareness of the business potential.

Senior Crew

Company or on board ship


One day (8 hours)

Target Group

Senior crew


Awareness training and coaching

Ship Staff

On board ship


Flexible (to reflect crew working hours)

Target Group

Specific professional groups: reception staff/restaurant personnel/entertainment staff/cabin crew/excursion guides


Practical advice and suggestions

Our Company Core Values


  1. assist the realisation of the full business potential of an untapped prosperous market segment

  2. provide awareness support and training for your employees

  3. develop tailor-made inclusive company training programmes

  4. offer practical solutions and information to the ships‘ crews

  5. offer secure, enjoyable cruise holidays for both passengers with cognitive impairment conditions such as mild dementia and their carers

  6. employ fully trained and qualified lecturers and support staff

  7. ensure the innovative delivery of a professional, dynamic and quality service

INCTC Trainers and Consultants

Throughout our professional careers as lecturers and trainers we have been working with people of all abilities and expectations. We truly feel that with our training courses and consultancy work we can offer you a service that is of huge benefit to your company, crew and all passengers.


Get in touch with us and we'll discuss what we can do for you.